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Base Color: White

Veining: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Gray

  • Short Veins: N/A

  • Long Veins: Dark Blue

  • Special Features: Predominantly Cool-Toned

Genuine seamlessly integrates with various modern interiors, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a standout design. Its cool-toned elegance not only complements but elevates the modernity of your home, ensuring that every room feels fresh, stylish, and sophisticated. Picture your kitchen with Genuine as the centerpiece, its bold, cool-toned veining infusing the heart of your home with a fresh, modern aesthetic. The contrast of dark blue and light hues reflects light beautifully, enhancing the room's sleek, cutting-edge style. Or imagine a bathroom where Genuine's striking design transforms the space into a serene, modern retreat, merging the natural beauty of quartz with a distinctly contemporary look. Genuine’s white quartz surface, where long, dark blue veins stretch across like strokes of an artist’s brush, are complemented by subtle light blue and soft gray accents. This blend of cool tones creates a captivating visual that exudes contemporary sophistication.

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