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Base Color: White

Veining: Mixed Gold, Rusty, Light Gray, Dark Gray

  • Short Veins: N/A

  • Long Veins: Mixed Gold, Rusty, Light Gray, Dark Gray

  • Special Features: Visible Contrast

Felicity is more than just a quartz surface; it's a versatile and refined choice that seamlessly blends with both contemporary and traditional interiors. Its polished organic style brings a touch of nature indoors, creating spaces that feel both elegant and inviting. Choose Felicity to infuse your home with a harmonious blend of elegance and natural beauty. Let its organic grace transform your interiors into a sanctuary of timeless sophistication and style. Imagine stepping into a space transformed by the timeless elegance of Felicity, a quartz surface that epitomizes polished organic style. Picture a pristine white base adorned with a harmonious blend of warm and cool veining, where mixed gold, rusty, light gray, and dark gray veins create a stunning visual tapestry. This intricate design offers visible contrast throughout, captivating the eye and adding depth to any room.

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