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Our new Rift Vein™ Technology

Discover our ground breaking transformation.

Introducing our latest innovation, inspired by natural stone veins. 'Rift,' is a technique we use to create the veining in our slabs by splitting and cracking, just like Earth's plates do.

We use this proprietary technology to create the most realistic natural stone alternatives available.


  • Rift Vein™ technology allows our product to have a natural, authentic look that sets a new standard in natural beauty and versatility.

  • 3-dimensional veining - some veins will be lighter, and others will be darker. This is a result of vein density relative to the surface in which the stone was sliced.

  • Our proprietary technology copies all of the principles of natural stone vein formation, resulting in the most realistic vein movement in the industry.


  • For a decade, Spectrum Quartz has been dedicated to crafting impeccable designs and pioneering innovative technologies.

  • Made in part in the USA, we manufacture domestically in South Carolina.

  • We possess the extensive manufacturing resources of a large corporation while offering the personalized customer experience of a small distributor.

  • We employ patented technology that enables us to craft the most authentic and natural-looking stones on the market.

Spectrum Quartz is commited to generating the most authentic looking stone.


  • We connect people to the designs they want - while expertly connecting a space design together.

  • Our engineered stone surfaces are built to withstand the stresses of everyday life, with low-maintenance cleaning guidelines and unmatched durability.

  • Spectrum Quartz is committed to generating the most authentic looking natural stone alternative.

  • No artificial straight lines, or geometric patterns

  • Our designs have the brightest white color in the industry

  • hold our sample up to any other quartz product and you will see the difference cristobalite makes.

  • Our extensive manufacturing resources are coupled with the personalized customer experience of a small distributor.

Embark on a journey of authenticity and innovation with Spectrum Quartz. Our groundbreaking Rift Vein™ technology sets a new standard in natural beauty and versatility, while our commitment to crafting the most authentic-looking stone remains unwavering. Discover the difference with Spectrum Quartz – where impeccable design meets unparalleled durability.

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