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Discover Our Brand-New Quartz Surface Options

We are constantly expanding our collection to tailor our offerings to the contemporary homeowner. Our team is pushing the boundaries of modern surfaces, and introducing the design world to completely original options.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to several brand-new quartz selections, each entirely distinct. If you’re unsure which quartz surface best suits your renovation, we’re going to break down each new offering by shade, style, and best use. Discover the perfect quartz countertops to complement your vision.


Give your interior a joyful boost with our Euphoric quartz. This surface is proof that delicate details can elevate your space in an elegant way. If you love the look of subtle veining that is still brimming with character, Euphoric is the way to go.

It features a pure white base with both warm and cool-toned veining. This makes it one of our most versatile surfaces. If you’re still deciding on other design elements within your space, this is a safe and stylish option that will match a wide range of interiors.

modern quartz countertop details
Euphoric by Spectrum Quartz



Add a fashionable touch to your space with the undeniably chic Glamour. If your goal is to create a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic, this new release is right up your alley. The base is clean and the veining includes layered tonality.

For the fashion-forward designer looking for something bright and dynamic, it has an organic appearance that still exudes class. Lean into the modern look in your kitchen with Glamour.

light and bright kitchen with quartz
Glamour by Spectrum Quartz



Another standout option for contemporary interiors, Finesse features dark grey veining against pure white. Extremely modern and eye-catching, this surface is ideal if you want to create a focal point with the right amount of visual interest.

For designers and homeowners searching for something original and entirely distinctive, Finesse is an excellent option. This surface is suitable for large-scale installations or as a bold accent.  

bright modern kitchen with marble
Finesse by Spectrum Quartz



If you want your space to look luxurious but still effortless and natural, try Cosmopolitan. This quartz surface seamlessly combines elements of modernity and timelessness. As its name suggests, Cosmopolitan is an excellent choice for those seeking a truly refined look.

Its subtle yet sophisticated veining will add a noticeable touch of elegance without overpowering the space. It can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and even as a statement piece in living room countertops or fireplace surrounds.

wood kitchen with quartz countertops
Cosmopolitan by Spectrum Quartz



Harmonious is a symphony of sophistication. It boasts soft gold, grey, and white veining. Practically dripping with luxury, the visible texture of Harmonious celebrates the beauty of marble. With layers of elegance, this surface is proof of how marble-style surfaces can set the tone for an entire interior.

Its luxurious design ensures it will be the highlight of any home, impressing guests and residents alike. Choosing Harmonious guarantees a space that exudes both grandeur and comfort.

bright kitchen with marble island
Harmonious by Spectrum Quartz



While we could take up pages describing the dynamic beauty of Rhapsody, it is simply bold. The dark grey, soft grey, and white veining is absolutely striking. If you want your countertops to be the first thing onlookers notice, this is your perfect style.

Rhapsody is a great choice for those who appreciate daring design. Dare to be different with this incredible offering. Create a kitchen island that wows, or cover your entire kitchen in this jaw-dropping quartz.

marble quartz countertop details
Rhapsody by Spectrum Quartz



Felicity epitomizes polished organic style with warm and cool veining, offering visible contrast throughout. This gentle, harmonious surface brings a sense of peace and tranquility to any space, creating an inviting and serene atmosphere. The soft interplay of warm and cool tones seamlessly blends elegance with natural beauty, providing a soothing backdrop that enhances the overall ambiance of your interior.

Whether installed in a kitchen, bathroom, or living area, Felicity adds a touch of organic grace that calms the senses and elevates the environment. Its versatility and refined aesthetic make it an ideal choice for those seeking to create a sanctuary of relaxation.

new kitchen with marble quartz
Felicity by Spectrum Quartz



Introducing your ultra-modern surface: Genuine. Unapologetically cool, this surface seamlessly combines a natural look with a statement-making design. Genuine offers a fresh and modern aesthetic, perfect for those seeking a cutting-edge style.

Its cool-toned veining creates a level of compatibility with various contemporary spaces. If you’re trying to stray away from more traditional spaces and you want something that looks truly up-to-date, Genuine is your perfect match.

large marble kitchen island
Genuine by Spectrum Quartz


Enchanting includes fluid striations, creating a distinct sense of movement that enhances your interior with grace and fluidity. This exquisite surface offers balance both tonally and in its details, as the warm-toned veining flows seamlessly throughout. It resembles music captured in marble form.

The blend of colors and patterns creates a dynamic yet soothing visual experience, making Enchanting an ideal choice for those seeking a distinguished surface that appears both natural and tasteful. Its graceful design showcases an elegant rhythm.

modern quartz surface with plant
Enchanting by Spectrum Quartz



Embrace a whimsical touch with our heavenly Ethereal surface. This quartz takes after its name with exquisite, airy details. Subtle markations gracefully meander across the surface, creating a light and lovely look.

The intricate, faint veining is perfect if you are looking for something subtle that still appears contemporary. One of our most adaptable surfaces, Ethereal will enhance any atmosphere with its timeless charm. 

kitchen sink with quartz countertops
Ethereal by Spectrum Quartz

Let’s Find Your Perfect Quartz Surface – Together


These new offerings are just a glimpse into our entire collection. At Spectrum Quartz, we believe that natural-looking stone should be accessible to everyone. Our proprietary technology copies all of the principles of natural stone vein formation, resulting in the most realistic vein movement in the industry. Explore our complete collection of high-quality quartz and find your ideal countertops. If you need more guidance on making your selection, reach out to our team. We’d be happy to help!

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