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Katie Sharpe - SharpeSouthernHome

"When I was looking for new countertops for my home I wanted to make sure I found a product that would be beautiful, durable, and maintenance free. I did lots of research to see what my options were and knew I wanted quartz. When I found this Expression quartz from Spectrum Quartz I knew this was perfect for my home! It’s beauty far surpassed any other quartz I looked at and the quality is top notch."


Katie enhanced her kitchen by making updates and changes to just a few components. She introduced new Spectrum Quartz countertops, refreshed the cabinets, and incorporated various new decorative elements. These changes collectively orchestrated a remarkable transformation within this space, turning it into an area that elicits a profound sense of delight each and every time you set foot into it. We even love looking at it for inspiration from time to time!

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