Spectrum Quartz offers a lifetime limited residential warranty.

Residential Lifetime Limited Warranty

Hirsch Glass Corporation d/b/a Spectrum Quartz (Spectrum Quartz) warrants to the owner of the original installation that Spectrum Quartz surfacing shall be free from manufacturing defects for as long as the original owner owns the product. This warranty is Limited. Spectrum Quartz makes no express or implied warranty without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.

This Residential Lifetime Limited Warranty applies only to the original owner of a single family residence in which Spectrum Quartz is installed. In the case of a newly constructed single family residence, this warranty may be transferred one time. To transfer the warranty, the original owner must register the warranty in full with Hirsch Glass Corporation. The original owner must then submit to Hirsch Glass Corporation the name, address, and telephone number of the new owner. The new owner will receive a pro-rated 10-year limited warranty from the original date of installation, not to exceed 10 years from the date of install.

No representative, dealer, distributor, fabricator, installer, employee, or any other person shall be authorized to make or modify any warranty, including this Limited Warranty, without the express written consent of Spectrum Quartz.

This limited lifetime warranty applies only to product installed after July 1, 2017.

Spectrum Quartz obligation under this warranty covers only the replacement of slab product which has failed to perform to standards. This warranty does NOT cover freight, transportation, demolition, tear-out, disposal, fabrication, or reinstallation beyond the cost of the slab product.

Warranty is invalidated if quartz is not maintained properly and does not cover color variances, thermal shock, chemical abuse, misuse, or defective fabrication or installation.

This warranty does NOT cover use for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to use in an office, rental property, storefront, or any other place of business.

This warranty does NOT cover abuse or excessive impact damage to the product including chips and scratches.

This warranty does NOT cover visual defects which are apparent prior to fabrication and/or installation. It is the responsibility of the fabricator and/or installer to inspect the slab prior to fabrication and/or installation. Determination to proceed with fabrication and/or installation constitutes acceptance of the product.

This warranty does NOT cover surface alterations performed outside the Spectrum Quartz factory, including honing and any other alterations.

This warranty does NOT cover product installed in exterior installations, usage as a flooring material, or application in a steam shower, steam room, or sauna.

This warranty does NOT cover seam performance.

This warranty does NOT cover damage caused by acts of God, job site conditions, structural movement, acts of vandalism or accidents.

This warranty does NOT apply to any failures due to inadequate support for the installation.  This includes overhangs in excess of recommended support guidelines.

This warranty does NOT cover products that have not been paid for in full.

This warranty is issued only to the original owner and is non-transferrable. This warranty expires upon transfer of ownership.

Warranty applies only to Spectrum Quartz certified fabricators and installers utilizing Spectrum Quartz fabrication and installation guidelines.

Following installation, the product must be registered within thirty (30) days in order to activate the warranty. In the event that there is no warranty on file, proof of purchase including both the owner and certified fabricator’s name must be provided.

In the event of determination of defect by a Spectrum Quartz approved inspector, the option to repair or replace the material will be determined by the inspector.  If replacement is necessary, exact color matching cannot be assured.  If the item is discontinued at that time, the customer may select an alternative from current product range.

Claim submittal must be accompanied by proof of purchase in the form of an original invoice showing the owner and date of purchase.