Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spectrum Quartz?

Spectrum Quartz is a natural quartz surface by the creators of Hirsch Glass, an industry leader in art glass tile and mosaics.

What is quartz?

Quartz is one of the hardest and most abundant naturally occurring minerals on Earth.

How does Spectrum Quartz compare to granite and marble?

Spectrum Quartz is harder and more durable than granite and marble. Unlike granite, Spectrum Quartz is completely non-absorbent and never needs to be sealed.

Where can I view a sample of Spectrum Quartz?

Our network of authorized dealers have in-store display samples. To find your nearest dealer, please visit the Where to Buy page on our website.

How can I purchase Spectrum Quartz?

Please find a dealer near you by visiting our Where to Buy page. If you need assistance, please contact us by using the Contact page.

Does Spectrum Quartz offer a warranty?

Yes, Spectrum Quartz offers a limited lifetime warranty for residential usage as well as a 10 year warranty for commercial applications. For more information, please click here.

How do I clean Spectrum Quartz?

Cleaning Spectrum Quartz is easy. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. For difficult spots, soak with a towel and warm water for 10 minutes then scrape with a plastic putty knife.

How do I maintain Spectrum Quartz?

Unlike granite, Spectrum Quartz never needs to be sealed. Routine cleaning and simple care can help your Spectrum Quartz surface last for years.

Is Spectrum Quartz resistant to damage?

Spectrum Quartz is resistant to chipping, cracking, and scratches. However, no stone is damage proof. With proper care, Spectrum Quartz surfaces can look great for many years to come.

How does Spectrum Quartz resist heat?

Spectrum Quartz is heat resistant however it is always recommended to use a trivet or hot pad before placing any hot pot, pan, stoneware, or other object on the surface.

Can Spectrum Quartz be stained?

Spectrum Quartz has a non-porous and non-absorbent surface. As a result, Spectrum Quartz is resistant to staining. In addition, food and liquids that can harbor bacteria will not be absorbed into the countertop.